Messages 2003

The Power to Rise Above.

December 17th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven, I’m experiencing a pounding in my right ear and feel it may be due to my reluctance to “take up my pen” and be willing to receive and write the thoughts impressed upon my mind, for fear of receiving them inaccurately.

But under the circumstances that Truth can be found everywhere, when a soul is sincerely seeking for It, then I can accept that I may be able to receive a reasonable amount of helpful information for seeking souls.

I pray, dear God, for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love. I pray that I will be able to channel clearly what the angels wish to deliver. I pray for protection from lower spirit influence (and especially from those who have been in rapport with me for a long time).

Please help me put aside my forethoughts so I won’t interfere with what the angels want to say. Help me overcome my anxieties; help me activate my faith in the power of Your Love to enable me to be a good and clear medium.

(An angel made rapport with me and helped me finish my prayer) Thank You for the many blessings You bestow upon me every day. I want to make progress in developing my spiritual nature and qualities. AMEN


As you can tell we are here and we are interested in channeling our thoughts through you into a world hungering for spiritual guidance and to learn ways they can contribute to a formation of a better world.

As insignificant as it may seem to you, even your willingness to receive our thoughts is a helpful gesture in bringing peace and love into the world. If everyone is willing to help in some way, great changes would occur. If every person took responsibility for only her own thoughts and condition, it would be a better world. It is due to the negative conditioning of humankind in general which leads people to believe it is their job to tell others how life should be lived without really paying much attention to the pollution they are putting out from their own way of life.

As you are being told everyday, it is only Love which will save the world from a downhill spiral because telling others “how to do it” isn’t going to work. People need to want to make positive and loving changes. They need to learn about the loving Way; this is very difficult to do when they are in a habit of wanting to control things through force and violence.

If people want to bring about meaningful, long-lasting changes they need to “look within” and get in touch with peacefulness. They first need to desire to have peace and realize that it cannot be accomplished by killing others.

Although it appears that it’s a long way off, this change can be brought about more quickly than one might think because humankind is made up of souls and souls have been created with natural love as their highest quality. There is an innate desire to love and to be loved, which means that fighting and killing is against their nature. It has been developed, passed on, and learned through example, but it is not a condition or lifestyle they look forward to as a goal, as a continuation or “reward” to be blessed with forever. This means or implies that people do “believe” that someday they will reach a better goal; that, after all their struggle, there will be some kind of peace or joy or fulfillment.

If we can help these fighters who are filled with anger and hatred to realize that their real enemy is their own negative emotions, we will be on to something. If we can show them, somehow, that their goal of fulfillment (whatever it is that they’re working toward) can be gained more quickly through other means, they might be convinced to lay down their weapons and attempt to apply a different approach.

We are acutely aware of the fact that the mind is a powerful tool, and under the influence of a leader with a strong mind, people can be convinced that if they kill the enemy they will be rewarded in their next life. But you know that is not true, and you have the power and the means to spread the truth that you know: that there is One God and that all humankind are His children. Love is the most rewarding and powerful emotion we have at our fingertips to bring about the changes we feel are necessary for our happiness and quality of life.

Everyone will reap what they sow, if not in this life then in the next. By your fruits you will be known. For every person who believes that she will be rewarded through hateful acts, there needs to be many witnesses to the contrary. All of you who pray for God’s Love and Mercy are such witnesses and need to make your light shine into the darkness.

Reach out with your love in all ways you are able. The effects of this effort will be more far reaching than you can realize or imagine. You can just “think love” and it has an effect on the air you breathe; you can feel love and it changes your atmosphere. If you’re in the habit of believing you’re not all you can be, it is that false belief that will block you from experiencing greater joy from being God’s child.

If you pray for His Love to change the condition and quality of your love nature, it will be changed. It is then your responsibility to change your thoughts to reflect the new condition of your soul. Know that you are one of God’s loving children; exude your love all through your days. Be thankful for the many opportunities you have to give and share what you know that God’s Grace has the power to bring your love nature into ascendancy over your false beliefs. Then have the power to rise above negative thought patterns or past negative attitudes and make love your guiding light.

The formula is simple: switch from being afraid that you are not living up to your potential, to knowing that any amount of love that you extend from your soul is a wondrous and effective energy to bring about amazing changes in your surroundings

I can only hope and pray that what I’ve been able to share with you through this channeling might have positive effects upon all who may read it. Thank you for taking up your pen.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit, James, the brother of Jesus, and one of your guardians.