Messages 2003

Tolkien reports back.

July 29th, 2002

Received by PJR.

New York City.


I am here to write J. R. R. Tolkien, and I see you know how to spell my name now.

I just wanted to get back to you with a report on what has happened in the months, as you track time, since I first wrote to you and you got me started on this path to the higher spiritual spheres.

Yes, I went with A G Riddle and he told me, first, all about what you were talking about—the Divine Love that makes up the Father of us all. Then he, since I was so curious, filled me and on your life—as to your activities since your father died; and how you “discovered” the messages of Mr. Padgett, whom I have met; and how at first it was more an intellectually satisfying body of work for you; and then how you got the idea, without anyone talking it up to you, to start praying for the Father’s Divine Love to enter your soul—or soul-being as you insist on calling it; and he informed me (as if I could not begin to see for myself after a while) of what you have been doing since then and the significance of it.

Yes, I see your desire to ask me questions. I understand your fight to not intrude and just let me say what I will: thank you.1

So my report is this, as you now feel my emotion: I cried tears of both remorse over what could have been and was not in my life, and tears of joy that there could be a hope of such an unbelievably wonderful thing as this offering to everyone, the very essence of our Creator—an offering that, when accepted in a proper way, becomes a part of one so as to (enable one to) experience a bit of Him, so to speak—to live: a part of Him.

One can see this thing as a possibility before actually attaining it. So, tears of both joy and sorrow—dare I say relief.

[I know what you mean (by relief).]

Yes, I can see your sighs of relief about your eventual future. And the sighs are true as that future is true, if you actively pursue it.

So as I said, I talked for a very long while with Riddle here, and I see you just realized what we both had, or have, in common, and why he should be an appropriate one for me to talk to. We are both authors of books published on earth; so now you need not be surprised that it was him—in addition to him knowing you so well and (knowing) the message you pointed out to me when I first wrote you.

Yes, as you can tell, the writer’s desire runs deep in some such as us, and so: To think that I can—in a manner of fashion—write again. It’s a wonderful opportunity to do it again, and beyond description, what it means to one such as I, and of course A G R too.

So thank you for that, or let me say it this way: Let me express my thanks to you, first: for the most important thing, your desire and effort to tell me of the Fathers great gift announced by Jesus 2000 years ago, and second: Thank you for the opportunity to pen a few words back on earth—the garden that my journey started from.

To answer your question: I have taken your advice and pursued the Way you pointed me to and the effect has been positive in a most beneficial way. I see you suffer from the reluctance to allow me to say what sphere I have progressed to.

[long pause]

See? You can’t go on. P__, don’t worry, I am not going to try to get you to write of what you cannot, just at this time. And please do not worry about your shortcomings.2

[I am sorry about running out of INK. PLEASE come again to finish your message.]

So, as you use your pen, now, as a scribe, I will tell you not to worry. You have not cut me off. I shall return another time.

With my love for you, and the love of the Father,

I am J. R. R. Tolkien


1 It finally occurs to me as I reread this on 730, that the spirit writer’s will acknowledge something on my mind by remarking on it when they see that whatever it is will not go away, but will continue to intrude into the session. Once they so acknowledge it, the problem resolves!

2 Of all the rotten luck: my ball point pen ran completely dry at the end of “worry,” and I had no other writing instrument.