Messages 2003


June 2nd, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


[Medium prays for Divine Love.]


You are in a space of love and this will help you to clearly receive my thoughts. I am here, John. Do you see how we come to you? This is how you know we are here. You feel our love and our influences. We have impressed you with our thoughts on trust. You even contemplated on writing your wonderful prose on this and you let the desire go by, because you thought you did not have enough information on the subject. Well, let’s begin.

Like you thought, trust is a door that we go through. It is that simple. You are constantly going through different doors. You choose them. What benefit is there when you choose not to believe, when there is yet another door that brings you added blessings? You see there is no sense in choosing these other doors that cannot bring about better results. Trust means that you know that God loves you and that He is the ever-watchful Father. He listens constantly, always guiding you with his gentle hand. You cannot realize this but He does. When you trust, the eyes of the soul open up.

The perceptions enlarge and you begin to see things from a higher perspective. You begin to see things as they really are. This is a way of recognizing truth. When your doubts and worries disappear, they are no longer blocking your sight, your purpose, your direction and your guidance. Don’t you believe that you have all the help that is required for you to get to where you are going? The help is always there; the truth is always there. It needs to be seen with a soul that is trusting. Trust also brings the Father’s love into your soul. He is so willing to bestow His love on anyone that would ask.

But you need to trust. It is like turning the green light on for the love to come into your soul. I know that you have read that faith and trust go hand in hand. Faith is knowing that trust will bring you the blessings that you are in most need of. When you doubt, you can readily see how much you need, although you don’t know all the details of what that might be. But ask yourself, is it more sensible to choose a door that does not shower you with blessings? Do you see that the least favorable doors have left you empty?

And still these less favorable doors are used. Choose to trust and close the doors to doubt. Worry is your reward for doubting. What door should one choose, when the results are known?