Messages 2003

We are all mediums.

April 30th, 2003.

Orange Springs, Florida.

Received by W.V.


I am John and want you all to know that I love you with all my heart.

A lot of you are trying so hard to be perfect, but as we have said before, it is not necessary to be perfect at all.

Mediums are not more perfect than others. We are all equal and are all mediums. What mediums try to do is spread their love. So being a medium is all about Love and being a link of Love, there’s nothing more to it.

The only thing the Father wants you to do is to give love, even if you sometimes think love does not need to be given or even if it is very difficult for you to give love at a certain moment. If you would just try giving love at a moment you need love, you will understand that it is in giving that you will receive.

Do not run away from pain, embrace it with love, for “embracing with love” is what being a medium is all about.

To be a medium is to love others so that God can touch them through you. It is being a connection between Him and others who need love.

Whenever we love or help others, we are being mediums. It doesn’t take more than that. So, next time you are helping someone, remember that you are being a medium right there because you are doing what God wants you to do, spreading love. It’s that simple.

Don’t use your mind when it is not needed to help others. Only use it to translate your soul longings.

As a human it is normal to once and awhile go off the path because you need to take a look at the path every now and then to reassure yourself that you’re still on it.

Remember we are always with you. Always. There is not a single soul here that has ever been left alone. Even if it is sometimes hard to feel love, every time you want it there will be someone willing to give it. Ask for love and help. We all need it.

Try to convey what you have inside, each one of you in your own way. Don’t give up. Try and try again.

In a way it’s like a computer game. First you learn how to get through a level until you know enough about it to get you through to the next one.