Messages 2003

We are real.

May 30th, 2002

Received by PJR.

New York City.


I know it seems like the spirit world exists merely as some kind of outlandish fairy tale from the brothers Grimm, but lo and behold we are real. That is, it seems to us that we are.

Not only are we real, but we pass among you constantly — there, in your own reality. Furthermore, as you make your way through the day, we cast a significant influence over your life, for good or for evil, as it may suit our purpose. Like the whole wide world of microbes and dust that forever you swim through, which you do not see (and only think of as you sneeze) we too superimpose ourselves upon your lives in a most ordinary way for us, most ordinarily hidden from you.

That you are part of our world (in that we can “travel” to your Earth and mix in with you, on the one hand), and that we are a part of your world (in that we have many ways to interact with you, on the other hand) would seem as normal as the falling of rain but for this fact: While we are so fully aware of you that you enter so easily into our plans and activities; you are almost completely oblivious to us: that we are there, and to what we do. You, therefore, move through your lives stumbling along, or lifted up, as the case may be, by agents you cannot see, and know little or nothing about. Such a range of effects there are — we can cause to enter the lives of those whom we find and “contact”.

As are you, so are we — inasmuch as it is you to whom we are attracted, and that by the basic nature of yourself, and of us. For as you see that like attracts like, so it is among spirits and men. And so, know this: Not only are you attracting the spirits of once mortal men, but you are attracting a kind of spirit — those with basic natures like that unto your own. So you see, all else being equal, you are attended to and influenced by, maybe many, or perhaps few, spirits with a state of soul compatible to your own. It is up to you to establish the type of spirit influence you will be subjected to, and you will do this simply by living your life.

You have a life, and the way you live it works a way to attract certain spirits, those of good or evil — of very good or of very evil — as may be compatible with you. So live your life accordingly. Live it according to the kind of companions you want to attract, because attract them you will. Attract them you have.

This follows a pattern established when the first man passed from Earth to the Spirit; it has continued on, up to this day. So as one of you sits and writes this, and as the rest of you, in your own time, turn to read it: take a moment to stop. Pause to consider. What spirit did you attract, what influence have you brought on yourself.

My dear friend, it is by your own actions you have made your own life, and it will be by your own actions that you make your own future, for your future is made by your actions — by your actions and what within you prompted these too: for much there is that precedes your actions.

Your goals, your desires, the attitudes, you bring in to life; these are deep wells, indeed, out of which springs the basis for each of your actions. And whether you know it or not, your actions upon actions thread like a line through your life. And these threads, over the course of your days, you weave into the fabric that is your life. And this fabric, as you weave it, becomes like unto the clothing you wear.

And this is seen.

Your goals and desires, your attitudes and actions, all these establish the nature, the fabric of your life. And this, based on your nature, reflects the harmony in your being. And it is this harmony, your harmony, that we see — to which we feel the pull of attraction. And so you attract us. We come to you just as sure as like attracts like.

Your life you set; your past and your future established thereby. And no matter what may actually happen to you, it is you by this, that sets your way and marks your ultimate destiny.

Which destiny will it be?

This is your choice and yours alone.

You will get help and support from spirits who love — if you do: some you may know, but many not so. You can be hindered by others, each of those according to their nature, and that of yours — having attracted them. So they will be there, some for your good, or others for not.

As we pass freely among you: as we feel attraction at any time: as the harmony of your being determines this attraction: so you can understand it matters not where you are, or when this is. Your actions, from the fabric of your life that produces them, will call to you those by whom you are, there and then, influenced.

Should you be addressing the multitude in the bright of day or creeping alone through murky darkness at night, it makes no difference, for we are attracted by the nature of your being. And as this is so, our goals and attitudes are also like unto yours. Our influence, our promptings, can accentuate or dull as we might be pleased.

Should you constantly reach for good, good spirits there are who will surround you with their influence. Should you move in evil, evil is what will move with you — to carry you on to more evil. And should you chart a course in your days between good and evil, from one to the other and back, so the mix of your life will determine the mix of the spirits who arrive to influence you. So: good here once, and evil, there, later. But the greatest of these is Divine. For the spirits with Essence of the Father within them carry that of the Creator as maybe had by mankind — on Earth or in the hereafter.

So now you know.

You are never alone.

But as you are; therefore, so you attract. Your actions and attitudes may be seen or hidden — by those on your Earth. But always, these form the fabric of your life and create that attraction, the nature of which you so determine.

Should your attraction of good seem insufficient and leave you anxious and restless: there is always the Divine. Should your setting out evil bring the menace of evil: there is always the Divine.

Divine Love will enter all who truly call it and that too in a way harmonious to the caller. As the fabric of being, woven in attitudes and desires, sets the attraction of spirits, so does your asking and desire, great or small, set the degree to which you attract the Holy Spirit, whose sole purpose is to confer His Divine Love onto the caller.

And this Love never dies.

As It lasts forever so It is ever worthwhile to yearn for, and seek. No matter how long your road, no matter how futile it seems — given your “fate” — ask the Father for a particle of His Love. And if It be great or rather quite small: To receive His Love is Divine. And what ever of It becomes yours, It is yours within you forever.

You may activate and live His Love. You may forget and leave It to smolder in your soul. But what ever you do, when you haven’t enough: with yearning desire, then ask Him for more. Use It and live, or leave It in your soul to smolder, and go on your own way. But always, when you haven’t enough: ask our Father for more.

I know you really prefer to know the name of who is writing through you, but lately I see you have decided to broaden your reach by looking with favor upon the idea of working for one such as I, of whom you know nothing, and with whom this will remain so.

[Except by what you say.]


You have written me well, and that, because our beings are harmonious — together on the subject I have chosen. That I have influenced you recently along these lines has made these harmonies ring. And so you are able to write what I have given you. Having been attracted to you in exactly the way I have described above, should now come as no surprise.

I have told you. So now you know.

Keep it up and these things shall continue. Actually, as I have said, these things shall continue no matter what “up” you keep. The nature of what you will have, the kind of company you inherit, that is what you might turn your attention to — should you regard what I say.

As you can see, in the way it unfolded, I have given you something you may decide to publish. And there, I believe you shall.

So from now until such, as conditions may attract again,

I will give you my love and sign myself,

Your Heaven-sent Friend.