Messages 2007

A discussion of the Environment.

January 10th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Uharu.

As you read the book [1491], which you were guided to buy today, you are realizing that Native approaches were extremely diverse.

You are thinking, perhaps you yourself have romanticized Natives in your zeal for justice to them. You think, maybe it’s not at all a cut and dried contrast between the “good” Natives who cherished the Earth, and the “bad” Westerners who are destroying it.

Well, one point you need to keep in mind is that the world is now facing an ecological and environmental crisis which we Native Americans never faced. The world is much smaller now, and consequently, whatever is done, particularly on a large scale, has immense consequences for the entire Earth.

What was meant, when it was said in past channelings that Native approaches would supersede the present attitude, is just that - a new approach is desperately needed, and there are many Native cultures who can supply this. This does not deny that other Native attitudes in other areas of the continent were not of the same quality. No, Natives are human, first and foremost. And besides, the cultural diversity of Native America is staggering. That is part of the problem.

Let me put your mind to rest. I know you get very unhappy and against yourself when you think you have channeled your own thoughts instead of the spirits’ thoughts.

The fact of the matter is that at this stage in your mediumship, you have successfully acquired the ability to catch the thoughts of us spirits. Indeed, oftentimes, you have disagreed with a thought, but channeled it anyway. And then you find, later, that there was wisdom, which your limited mortal brain could not see. No, you need have no doubts about your ability to capture our thoughts.

You fear that these channelings of yours regarding Native views on the environment will be attacked, with the development of more sophisticated insights into their culture. And yet the fact remains that certain aspects of their attitudes remain valid today as they were in the distant past. So much has been taken away that it is hard to perceive the original reality.

But you do have the advantage of channeling the thoughts of a Native American, myself, who is actually communicating his ideas to give to the Earth. And I am saying that there are valuable aspects to the Native way of thinking that can be valuable in helping your country shift gears from exploitation to reverence.

Your future interchanges with Natives will confirm what I am saying, that reverence for the land and for Nature has always been deeply embedded in many Native cultures. If more urban cultures also existed, this doesn’t change what I have said.

So don’t worry. Trust that my thoughts are coming through. The book will change in a good way the common perceptions and stereotypes of who we Natives were and are. But it cannot change the fact that many of us have always felt that what the Creator gave us is indeed sacred.