Messages 2007

A Medieval Ruler - William the Conqueror - is now working for peace.

November 21, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, William the Conqueror.

Yes, I guided you to the history book on England so that I could convey a message to earth. Thank you for making this privilege possible.

Nothing can adequately describe the tortures and horrors that were mine when I entered this spirit world. It seemed to me that nothing I had done as a mortal was according to God’s Will. For what seemed an eternity, I had to endure the screechings and curses of those I had caused to die, including my own brother.

Eventually, because something in my soul yearned for release, I found myself talking with a beautiful Angel who I could feel did not judge me, but wanted me to know that God Loved me, and that I was not doomed for an eternity, as the mortal church officials had told me would be the fate of someone in the hells.

This advice was true. I got out of my dark, forbidding place, and, as you have surmised, found the Celestial Kingdom, where I now live.

It is the same mentality that is driving your country’s leaders that drove me. But the difference is that they will lose their power, and there will be a reckoning on earth.

I have been very interested in history. I have noticed that there is a pattern of climax that is occurring. But the whole mindset of domination and conquest is being increasingly questioned, and gradually, it will erode and break up. This is the natural consequence both of humanity’s evolution and the nature of the circumstances that confront mortals at this time.

Deliverance will come. I know this is sure because many, many good spirits and Angels are participating, of which I am one.

How I regret my ignorance and cruelty! But now I am working to end ignorance and cruelty, and we will be successful.


William I of England (William the Conqueror; born c.1028; died 9 September 1087) was a medieval monarch. He ruled as the Duke of Normandy from 1035 to 1087 and as King of England from 1066 to 1087.

Historically, as Duke of Normandy, he is known as William II, and, as King of England, as William I. He is commonly referred to as William the Conqueror (Guillaume le Conquerant) or William the Bastard (Guillaume le Batard). Several citizens taunted him during the siege of Alencon with reference to his illegitimacy and he had their eyes gouged out and their hands and feet cut off.

In support of his claim to the English crown, William invaded England in 1066, leading an army of Normans to victory over the Anglo-Saxon forces of Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings, and suppressed subsequent English revolts in what has become known as the Norman Conquest.

His reign brought Norman culture to England, which had an enormous impact on the subsequent course of England in the Middle Ages. In addition to political changes, his reign also saw changes to English law, a programme of building and fortification, changes in the English language and the introduction of continental European feudalism into England. (Source: Wikipedia)