Messages 2007

Abraham Lincoln comments on his style in the Padgett Messages.

July 7, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Abraham Lincoln.

I come this afternoon to address a concern from a church member regarding the tone and style of my thoughts as channeled through Mr. Padgett.

Certain facts of my earth life need to be seen in order for me to respond: (1) I had a gift for eloquent language, (2) I was essentially a product of the backwoods heartland, and (3) I was very humble.

When writing through Mr. Padgett, I chose a simple conversational style, since that was the way I wanted to be represented and understood. On earth, I reserved my eloquence for formal statements, such as the Gettysburg Address and my inaugural addresses.

Certainly, these formal statements came sincerely from me, but through Mr. Padgett, I felt more comfortable in a colloquial, everyday mode. I was not, and am not, the Master. He is apart, alone, and thus, because of my humility, I had no desire to express myself as a head of state in a formal manner. No, that was not my way.

Posterity remembers me as the author of these admittedly stirring statements. But posterity does not recall that in personal conversation, I was still very much the backwoodsman. Many, in fact, made fun of me because of the way I spoke, using “hick” expressions. And most do not realize that I went so far as enjoying off-color jokes.

So, the style I chose to write through Mr. Padgett was closer to the way I communicated in earth life than my formal statements. Indeed, many would have been surprised had they heard me in daily conversation, which did not resemble at all the oratorical eloquence generally associated with me.

I did not use any of these “hick” expressions, since they have passed out of the language and would not have been recognized.

Had I chosen the formal style of oratory, I felt I would not have been talking naturally, and worse, would have rivaled the Master and other more exalted spirits. No, I retained my humility even then, as I had in my earth life. I felt the world could feel closer to “honest Abe” as he was in normal, everyday conversation.


Note : This message was received after criticism about the perceived differences in style of Abraham Lincoln in his formal political statements and his style in the Padgett Messages.