Messages 2007

Good and Bad aspects of native American culture.

December 23, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Uharu.

Yes, the higher spirit world is guiding you in your choice of reading material.

You have just read a very different point of view from your own - emphasis on the fact that Natives were just as guilty of atrocities as whites.

This point of view is substantiated by the fact, visible to all spirits, that many Native American spirits have indeed suffered because of crimes committed against whites.

Interpretation of history, of course, depends on the point of view of the one inquiring, but the fact remains that there are aspects to the different Native cultures that have been too often ignored, and that could be very helpful in rebuilding the country.

The point I wish to make, in contrasting good and bad aspects of the Natives, is that our country needs an infusion of positive, helpful ideas that need to be implemented in order for recovery to occur.

Let the negative be buried. It is a new day, and there are many Native spirits who are dedicated to the rehabilitation of the land, which they have felt was given to them by the Creator.