Messages 2007

Cain relates his experiences.

January 25th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Cain.

I want to comment on the things said in the Bible about me. But before I do, let me say that you are working for the Lord now and doing an excellent job, so no matter what may go wrong at work, He will certainly provide for all your needs. Let that fact, and fact it is, penetrate your consciousness, and you will be very happy even now.

Well, let me begin. The first thing I wish to say is that we early humans did not have a close connection to our Creator after the Fall, so the alleged conversation between me and God in the Bible did not take place.

I did in fact slay my brother Abel, not because of any jealousy, but because he had done something I didn’t like. It was an innocent gesture on his part. I was dissatisfied with my life, and for some reason that morning, a certain rage possessed me, and in a moment of anger, I killed him by hitting him on the head with a heavy stick.

It was indeed the very first murder, and it was such a momentous shock to the others that somehow the memory of that awful event seeped into the collective consciousness and was retained.

My parents were indeed Aman and Amon, or as the Bible calls them, Adam and Eve. Besides Abel, I had two other brothers, and two sisters. The next generation obviously occurred by us siblings knowing each other.

I inhabit the Celestial Heavens, but not before I suffered greatly, for I did not grasp as a mortal the enormity of what I had done. It was only when I entered the spirit world that the full horror of it struck me. And, of course, I suffered.

When Jesus taught the New Birth, I, like so many other spirits, decided to believe, and so I prayed for the Love and received It. I had gotten out of some of my pain by that time, but was still not happy, and, desiring to be happy, I welcomed this new method.

As a new day begins, you should realize that you really have no cause for unhappiness even now, for God will literally provide for every one of your needs.