Messages 2007

Changes in the The First Parents.

January 24th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aman.

Yes, your thought is correct - when God implanted a soul in Amon and me, it transformed our physical appearance. Of course, our bodies were essentially the same. But the inner light created by the fact that we were possessed of a living soul caused our skin to literally glow, and our eyes to have that limpid appearance and depth that would have amazed our descendants. This soul of ours gave our bodies and our movements an inexpressible gracefulness that transformed the simplest gestures, and that brought so much delight one for the other.

You have the thought, how could we perceive this change if we had no human recall before we had a soul? Well, we could easily compare ourselves to our animal relatives, and we very easily noticed that their eyes were glazed and not focused, and their bodies and movements were cumbersome and awkward in comparison. This, coupled with the fact that we were physically taller and so much more beautifully proportioned than they were, signaled to us that the Creator had indeed set us apart from them, and thus created a different destiny for us.

And so, after the Fall, our eyes lost that clearness and depth because our souls were filled with shock, consternation, and bewilderment. But more importantly, our animal nature very quickly became dominant, so that our lost estate quickly became almost a distant memory - that’s how far we wandered from our original glory.

And our attitude to our physical bodies also changed. Divorced from the spiritual, we could only perceive the physical form and not the radiant soul within, so our decline was not hard to achieve, for we had effectively lost everything, and we knew it.

We somehow continued to know of our Creator, and yet the close bond with Him was severed, and even though we pined away for our lost happiness, we were not willing to follow a path back to reconciliation with our Heavenly Parent. Indeed, this was not even considered. We were willful and prideful, and we were stuck in this way of thinking.

You are wondering, how could we have changed so radically so quickly? Well, the connection with the Creator was gone, and in its place was nothing but the animal nature. It wasn’t just that we were unhappy having lost that connection - we consciously chose to disavow it, despite our misery. And we each came to this attitude independently. But we shared our common misery, and also imparted to each other an attitude of rebelliousness and pride.

This dramatic transformation occurred because of two words you well know - free will. We just chose pride, the attitude that if our Creator could do this to us, we didn’t need a Creator anymore. So it wasn’t just the knowledge of our fall; it was also a conscious lack of humility that prevented us from finding our way back to our Creator. He had eliminated the possibility of us receiving the Divine Love, but in a true sense, we made His choice possible by our great rebellion; the latter brought about the former, and not the other way around. So that it wasn’t injustice on the Creator’s part, but rather the reaping of what we had sowed.

You still feel the Creator was unjust to completely eliminate this privilege. Well, when you consider how far we had fallen, and how impossible it was for us to regain our first estate, you will understand that the Creator’s choice was really simple cause and effect. He would still have wanted to wait for our repentance, but in His wisdom, He saw that the depth of our pride was so great that it precluded any reconciliation. So He withdrew the privilege.

You can call this a punishment, and you can call it a logical choice. But the Creator does not punish. He only behaves toward His children in a way they deserve. So the conclusion is that we deserved this unhappy doom.

But all this is past, and what was lost has now been found, and oh, how grateful we both are to have found our way back to the Creator’s Grace and Love!