Messages 2007

Daniel’s experience with the Divine Love.

August 2627, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Daniel.

You are following your guidance correctly by temporarily laying aside your work with Shakespeare, to focus on other duties in your work for God, of which this particular channeling is one.

I said through Mr. Padgett: “Sometime, I will come and relate to you my experience of finding this Love, of becoming convinced of the real mission and Truth of Jesus’ teaching, and how this Love came into my soul and resulted in my becoming a Christian.

I will now provide this information. Mr. Padgett’s death prevented me from channeling what will now follow.

When I first came into this world of spirits, I knew very well that I would inherit happiness, for all my life long, I felt very close to God, and I knew that God Loved me. This was proven over and over again in the way He came to my rescue and protected me from every evil. I knew I had done the right things, and that I had been true to myself. Happiness would be the inevitable consequence of the way I lived my life. And so it was.

In addition to having a highly developed moral nature, I also had a great interest in other ways of thinking. I was a progressive mortal, and was a progressive spirit. That is, I did not think I would ever know everything there is to know, for I knew that God is an Infinite Being, and that there would always be new things to learn.

Naturally, I clung to my Hebraic heritage, for I felt it was true. But I also examined other ways of thinking. I saw spirits who believed things that made no sense to me. I could plainly see that my beliefs were true and theirs were not.

As I continued in my happy spirit existence, I noticed a yearning tendency in my soul. It was calling out to me, even though I could not identify it. I felt very close to God, and yet I knew intuitively that something was missing, but what this was, I could not determine. I knew that God had blessed me with many gifts, among which was a psychic nature. So I realized that I would receive God’s highest Truths.

When I observed Jesus preaching the Divine Love on earth, my intuition told me that here was the missing piece, the object of my yearning. I always knew that God is Love. The idea of becoming at one with God in His Divine Love thus made perfect sense.

So I started praying for the Love. When I first felt it flow into my soul, I had sensations I had never felt before. This encouraged me to continue. Though I had felt close to God before, I now experienced something qualitatively different. My closeness to God was not just a great perception and feeling - it became an intimate, living reality. It was as if God had entered my soul - and so He had.

The missing piece was thus supplied, and I felt a fulfillment which I had never experienced before. And my happiness became so much deeper.

I have thus briefly described my journey toward the Divine pathway. It was a very easy path for me to follow, for I realized in hindsight that God had prepared me for it by my life experiences and by my personality.