Messages 2007

Equality and Liberty.

December 25, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, William Jennings Bryan.

I know that a part of you agreed with the message I channeled yesterday, but another part of you thinks it’s utopian and naive. Let me address this latter perception.

There is nothing utopian or naive about what many call the law of karma, or as your Jewish tradition describes it, whatever we sow, we reap. By now, it is generally perceived that only a tiny number of people, organized by multinational corporations, control the world. This, by its very nature, is unfair, and violates what God wants, which is genuine equality and liberty for all. This means, of course, economic liberty as well, which under the present system is impossible.

I know that some can argue that I am merely articulating a “leftist” position, which you, of course, agree with. But I am speaking as a resident of the spirit world, who has keenly observed that such qualities as greed, selfishness, and lust for power inhibit and damage the soul, as is evident to all spirits. And when a mortal who has exhibited these traits enters the spirit world, that soul is truly unfortunate to enter the hereafter with a foundation of sand.

So the next question is, how can this deadlock, this stranglehold, be broken? And to that, I answer that God will do as He has always done - He will operate through Love by changing hearts.

I know the stumbling block for you is that the system is so entrenched, and everything is so controlled, that reform seems impossible. But remember the trusty cliche, that when God closes a door, He opens another one. In other words, when a way can’t be found, God finds a way. Your own experience, and that of so many others, confirms that this is true.

So the problem is that you must renounce reliance on your limited mortal brain and trust your soul perceptions, which already know that this way will be pursued successfully, and peace and harmony will come to the earth, as God has promised in cultures and faith traditions, in addition to Judeo-Christianity.