Messages 2007

Experiences of an American slave.

March 9th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Old Joe.

I was a slave in Atlanta, Georgia. No pen can describe the unspeakable tortures, both psychological and physical, we slaves were subjected to. How I avoided committing suicide is remarkable. But when I came over here, I was so grateful to leave all that horror behind.

I learned over here that the color of a person’s skin has absolutely nothing to do with character. I had an unusually good heart, and this resulted in many acts of kindness and love. But my white masters, instead of responding in kind, felt threatened by me, and expressed their jealousy in many acts of cruelty too numerous to mention.

Naturally, I felt very bitter about this. But amazingly enough, my soul did not turn to hate. I adopted a philosophical view, and came to have hope in a better afterlife and in a loving Savior. This conviction preserved my soul, which I felt was all I had.

Yes, I came to believe in my soul, and thus walked through my dark forest with faith and hope in a better future after death.

And I was not disappointed. And - your intuition is correct - I wound up ministering to, and trying to help, the very white demons who tortured me. Their condition was so pitiable and helpless that I melted in kindness toward them, and they could not look me in the eyes. It was the ultimate vindication for me, and I was very grateful to the loving God who made this possible.

Many slaves were not as fortunate as I was, and succumbed to hatred, indeed nursed their hatred. I found that one of my works over here was to help them see that their hatred was only hindering their progress. I was successful sometimes, and at other times not. But it is abundantly clear that the law of sowing and reaping is exact, and no one can escape its harsh demands.

Thank you for your kindness in taking this message. I feel that my earth experience is instructive in the unfolding of God’s beautiful Plan for America and the world.