Messages 2007

God and America.

November 15, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Cotton Mather.

I send you greetings and best wishes on this fine autumn day. It is my pleasure to convey another message to you.

You have just read an excerpt from my sermon, Theopolis Americana (American City of God), which reveals that I had felt that God planned something magnificent for New England.

Well, time in the spirit world has only confirmed my earthly conception, only it has become greatly expanded. I know you were excited to read the quote, as you are an American who also believes that there is a providence to our beloved country. You arose out of decades of thinking of your country essentially in a negative way. You now perceive that all along, the light was lit and could not be dimmed. And now, as the darkness seems greater than ever, your conviction is secure that this light will overcome the darkness.

Well yes, I am in complete agreement here. I saw then, and see now, that our beloved country is central to God’s Plan for humanity, not in its current mode of domination and selfish greed, but as a true bastion of freedom and opportunity, as it tended to be in the past.

The negativities and injustice of American history do not disqualify our country from this special role. A purging process must take place, and in order for this to be most effective, the forces of darkness must have been permitted to rise to the top, so that they can fall by their own misdirected choices.

The world is groaning under the weight of the American empire, and God has heard their cries of distress. He will answer by setting into motion events by mortals that will restore the moral balance, and thus alter the course of events so that domination turns to love. This will happen, and fairly soon.

How do I know, you ask? Because activity over here has been fairly bustling as the good and higher spirit world mobilizes to make an onslaught on darkness. Deliverance will come.


Cotton Mather was involved in the Salem Witch Trials, and was responsible for the notion that dreams (spectral evidence) could be entered in as evidence in the trial of witchcraft. Nineteen men and women were hanged, one man was crushed by stones, and four others died in jail awaiting trial in the period June to September 1692 in Massachusetts. His first communication is here.