Messages 2007

God is fair.

August 8, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, your mother.

Let me comment on what you want to know. You know that I was completely uninterested in politics. I was unaware of the many bad things the American government has done, and I am gradually realizing the truth over here.

You have felt that “silence is complicity,” and to a large extent, it is true. But let me explain how it is over here.

One person cannot change, or even be aware of, all the evil in the world. You are an American who is intensely aware of the evils the American government has committed. God has a purpose for your life in relation to this knowledge.

I lived my life according to love. If I seemed unaware or unwilling to investigate my government’s wrongdoing, this doesn’t change the fact that love was always in my heart. The Creator is fair, and treats His children fairly. If a person has lived a life of goodness, then that is what that person will reap.

So now, you have a different perception about this subject. Whatever we sow, we reap, so if we have sown goodness, that is exactly what we will reap.

I am happy that you are happy with what I have said. It clarified a confusion for you.