Messages 2007

Humanity’s Ancient Wisdom and Peace.

November 18, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Confucius.

As you learn more about my country’s culture, you will not find it so strange. We faced the same universal dilemmas and situations that you face. We had our doves and our hawks, and peace movements. Chinese culture and history are very rich and worthy of study and care.

As the world moves toward greater balance, the ancient wisdom of humanity will become more predominant, and oppressive structures will be dismantled. This will not be hard to do, once the will is there. So your optimism is based on fact.

The world has never been more polarized, and never before has the whole human race yearned for cultural expression and peace as it does now. The oppressive nature of both the Chinese and American imperial systems are the direct catalysts for this awareness. These tyrannical tendencies are only for a moment, and then humanity will get down to the business of lasting peace and mutual understanding.

I know the rosy picture I am painting is in stark contrast to a world deteriorating, but this will pass, and new leadership will tap into humanity’s best side. You will live to see this shift. And shift it will, by the Will of God, and equally so by the will of humanity itself. And in this process, thinkers like me will be able to guide humanity through wisdom.