Messages 2007

Leslie Stone’s Mission.

September 19, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Leslie Stone.

When Mr. Padgett died in 1923, I had already been prepared for my mission. It was on my mind continually ever since I made the commitment to the messages he was receiving. So I had several years of preparation. I knew generally what awaited me, and I spent those several years consciously getting ready.

So at the time of Mr. Padgett’s death, there was no trauma. In fact, because my faith had grown so strong, I was able to embrace gladly the unique mission God had entrusted me with. I fully realized its revolutionary importance, and I accepted the responsibility gratefully.

Being a mortal, the shocks of the Stock Market crash, the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, and World War II had an effect on me. But I believed with all my heart in the messages, which teach that sin and error would eventually no longer exist. This gave me great comfort, even in the darkest days of the war, for I knew an Unseen Hand was guiding the course of events.

And so likewise, this same Unseen Hand is still molding history, and just as in my life I saw deliverance, so deliverance will come to your time as well.