Messages 2007

Moses and Murder.

October 6, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Moses.

I wish to write tonight about my killing of the Egyptian taskmaster, which did actually take place. After the deed was done (and it was totally impulsive, reckless, and rash), I could not face my conscience for long afterward. But because I felt genuine remorse, I eventually felt the Lord’s forgiveness, and then it troubled me no more.

I wanted very much to meet up with this taskmaster in the spirit world, and so I did. He told me that he had harbored feelings of hatred toward me, and even desired to harm me, but that after he contemplated this, some good spirits came to him and explained that that would not help either him or me. They spoke in such a gentle but powerful, loving way, that he just had to reconsider, and he did. He changed his mind. This important incident helped him to progress.

When I received the Ten Commandments, the Sixth Commandment, “thou shalt not murder”, obviously had a special meaning for me. Many of my people remembered that incident, but the consensus was that it was in defense of one of their own, so it was not felt that the Law should be strictly enforced in my case.

One good result of this tragedy was that I determined to always revere human life. It was a very powerful catalyst to virtue, for even though I had already demonstrated virtue as a prince, I strengthened my conscience and my behavior, so that when I became a leader of my people, I had the moral fiber to deal with so many unreasonable demands. I then considered that tragedy to be a blessing and not a curse, for it brought me where I needed to be.

So it was clear to me how the Creator had used this tragedy for the good, and when I learned of the taskmaster’s change of heart, it confirmed my own experience.