Messages 2007

Prejudice against Native Americans.

September 7, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Uharu.

You are reading about the stereotypes that white people have imposed on Native Americans.

It is quite true that in the vast complexity of Native cultures, there was indeed occasionally abuse of the environment, and amongst many, the persistence both of intertribal war and chauvinism regarding ways outside of one’s tribe.

My own society had its share of human failings. But let me repeat that the egregious oppression characteristic of later societies did not occur in mine.

Yes, some Natives had slaves, and there was often a savagery by which enemies were treated.

You are wondering if your channelings have been tainted by these stereotypes, such as the environmental question; isn’t it a stereotype to say that Natives in general were natural ecologists?

Well, the thoughts you channeled did not come from you, but from us spirits. There has indeed been a strong emphasis on ecological care amongst many Natives. This arose from the situation they found themselves in. That is, in order to survive, they had to learn the natural rhythms and laws that governed plants and animals. And, since there was also a deep spiritual perception originating in the Native soul, a kinship emerged between this natural cycle and the higher spiritual realm. Isolated from modern science and technology, and the rapacious greed of the West, our tribes simply evolved in this way.