Messages 2007

Shakespeare - going to London.

August 14, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, William Shakespeare.

I wish to discuss now the circumstances that led me to seek my fortune in London, even though I had a wife and three children. My father’s earlier difficulties made me resolve never to fail. I had many discussions about my future with my wife, and when I took my leave, we parted amicably.

As you have guessed, there were ample provisions for my family. My parents and her parents all volunteered to help out if necessary, so it wasn’t as if I were leaving them to starve. All concerned recognized my superior acting ability, and my aspirations in theater in other ways. They plainly saw that my destiny compelled me to go to London to find myself. It was a most unusual situation, but, as they all recognized, I myself was unusual. They all saw that, and when I left, they all gave me their blessings. This was a tremendous relief, that I could go with their support.

You are wondering how Anne felt about all this. Well, I knew she would have preferred that I stay, but I also knew that she loved me. She knew all along that my destiny was in the theater. She also knew that my going to London, where theater was centrally located, was inevitable.

I was led to believe that my absence from Stratford would not be a terrible burden for her. Anne was very much her own person, and she had a strong sense of herself. This is why I wanted to marry her. I saw myself as her equal, not her superior. I knew she had the same qualities of self-reliance and resourcefulness that I had.

I had children because I had a desire to do so. This was a part of who I was. And my intention was always to become a success so that I could properly provide for my family myself.

Anne and the rest of my close relatives recognized that I was both responsible and practical, so they trusted me, for they knew I would do my best to provide for my family.

This trust they conferred on me was a great gift to me. It sustained me in the difficult task of uprooting myself, and venturing forth, alone, in an alien and potentially hostile environment. Knowing that my family and in-laws would always be there for me in support was one of the most important factors that sustained me when I first arrived in London.

The drive to make a success of myself for the sake of my family was just as strong as my need for self-expression. In fact, the former acted as a motor for the latter.

As I reflected in the spirit world on my earth life, I saw the Hand of God outstretched to sustain and support me, so that I could fulfill my destiny, which eventually became important for the world. But at the time, I had no conception of such things. I did not feel close to God, and so could not discern His guidance. But the Creator guided me anyway, and I can now only give thanks.