Messages 2007

Shakespeare - the Divine Love and his progression.

August 20, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, William Shakespeare.

I am responding to J___’s request to know my thoughts about the Divine Love, and to know about my progress.

Well, as I read back the texts I bequeathed to the world, and particularly some of my statements about love, I realize that I had a large premonition of the Divine Love, even though I didn’t possess It on earth.

For example, the theme in my work of the immortal nature of love easily prefigures this precious Love.

But writing about love and experiencing the Divine Love are two very different realities. What the Divine Love did for me is to give my earth life and my earthly concerns a context, which is much higher and more inclusive than anything I did or thought as a mortal.

As I see it now, I let my business concerns overshadow my soul. I just didn’t know any better. My language gift could never take the place of possession of the soul truths that have come to me since I started receiving the Love.

So my earth life illustrates the great truth that artistic genius can never be a substitute for the soul perceptions and elevated soul state that come with the possession of the Divine Love.

When I first entered the spirit world, I brought my confusion with me, but I also brought a great richness and an intense curiosity. As I keenly observed spirits, as I had keenly observed mortals, I began to understand the laws that govern this spirit world, and I marveled at it. It is so utterly different, though I discerned principles that applied equally on both sides of the divide.

I observed that our lives are governed by law. I found this insight revolutionary in terms of how I had previously thought about human nature. This idea gave order and structure to my confusion. And the more I received the Divine Love, the more I experienced clarity.