Messages 2007

The Egyptian Taskmaster confirms Moses’s message.

October 6, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Hakan.

Yes, that’s right, you received my name correctly. I am the Egyptian taskmaster whom Moses killed, and I wish to confirm everything he has just said.

When I entered the spirit world, after the initial adjustment period, I entered a sphere of gross darkness. My cruelty to the Hebrew slaves came back to me with a vengeance. And the hatred I harbored in my heart toward Moses only added fuel to my hellish fire. But I didn’t care; I just wanted revenge.

After my conversation with the good spirits, new feelings began to enter my soul. I saw Moses differently, and my hard heart began to soften. When this occurred, I found myself in better surroundings, though it was still pretty bad.

I watched Moses develop into a leader of great strength and wisdom, and naturally considered some of the things he taught. So that when we were finally reunited as spirits, we were able to communicate knowledgeably to each other.

Oh, I will never forget that first meeting! He was so contrite, and, I felt, so courageous (for he initiated the meeting). He was by then very bright, and I was still dark, though progressing. We discussed his ideas about his God, and how superior He was to the Egyptian gods. I had had time to reflect on these matters, so it was a very fruitful conversation.

He told me that he would do everything possible to help me, and so he did. His devotion was unparalleled, and, as you have surmised, I eventually got into a sphere of light, largely as a result of his help. By this time, curiosity about him and his way of thinking had progressed from admiration to genuine love. And when he led me to the New Birth, which is now mine, I thanked God for the one who took my life.