Messages 2007

The Famous Revolutionary experiences confusion.

September 24, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Karl Marx.

I have always been one to examine reality and hard facts. One fact I have observed in this spirit world is that many who followed my teachings on earth have suffered in this life. This has caused me to reconsider my stance on violence. I perceive that it just has not had a good effect on these souls.

I have also been able to keenly observe the development of history as it has evolved since my time, and, as you know, some things I taught are simply true about capitalism.

This spirit world is so utterly different from the earth life, and I have had to reconsider many things.

I saw only in part. I confess my failure in not seeing the whole picture. I now see success not as political ascendancy, but as whatever is beneficial to humanity. What I mean is that though this latter value was my original goal, I realize now that the method I taught toward this goal has just not worked. I have seen this repeatedly. So naturally, being a thinker, and continuing to care, I wondered if there could be a better way.

As I observed the way this spirit world works, I realized that there is a kernel of truth to religion, despite the oppression and terrible things done in its name. On earth, I couldn’t see past these failures, but over here, my perspective has altered, though not completely.

I have observed you very closely. I saw that you have taken a beginning interest in communism, and that you have never cared for it. This deeply impressed me, for despite your repugnance, you still approached my thought with an open mind.

I then realized that there must be something in your character to cause this behavior. I observed a constant glow emanating from your soul. It intrigued me. Where did it come from? What does it mean? I made inquiries, and several beautiful Angels came to me. What they told me threw me into utter confusion, for it contradicted the core of my belief system, and yet I saw that if I loved the truth, as I always have, I had to at least consider what they had to say.

I have considered their ideas, but it has been extremely difficult for me. But one thing they told me is that they and many other spirits have been planning a peaceful revolution on earth, and they said that I don’t have to believe the way they do to be a part of it.

As you have gathered, I still do not believe in a God. I have experienced much perplexity and soul-searching.

I never experienced on earth the sort of happiness that is your constant companion now. And I observe that this happiness comes from within. It must be connected to that glow. You say, it is the cause of your happiness. This is all a mystery to me.