Messages 2007

The First Parents - a physical description.

January 24th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aman.

I will now attempt to describe my physical appearance and that of my partner, Amon. The difficulty is not my lack of recall. No, life in Eternity and in the Celestial Heavens has not dimmed this memory. As you have learned, sometimes a spirit has a special reason for remembering something from the earth life. The difficulty is the inadequacy of earth language to adequately describe our physical nature.

We saw ourselves reflected in water. This was a way we were able to perceive our own appearance.

Well, let me try. First of all, we were unusually tall, taller than the tallest of mortals who descended from us. But this height did not make us seem overbearing. We had a sort of grace in the way we moved.

My limbs were very muscular, but I did not require exercise to keep them strong. They were very long. My muscles were not what you would call bulky.

You are wondering about clothing. Well, we did not wear clothing, that is, until our Fall. I know the Bible talks about our shame, and about the figleaf. But shame for our private parts was not the reason we began wearing clothing. It was because we felt separate from the natural order and from our original state. We had trouble accepting what had occurred, and we manifested this distress by covering our body.

Let me get back to our physical description. Our eyes were large and prominent. They were like clear lakes, for before the Fall, our vision was seeing not just the natural world, but also our connection to God. So if our descendants could have seen our eyes, they would have been astounded at the depth and love they manifested.

My hair, which was on the brown side, was very curly. My lips were prominent and frankly sensual. For we enjoyed each other physically, just as mortals have done ever since, only our pleasure was enhanced by our exalted state - it seemed to accentuate and magnify this pleasure. And we had no shame or guilt because we both knew without any doubt that the Creator loved us, and thus wanted us to enjoy this pleasure, which was for us a great gift.

My hands were fairly large. There was no hair on them. My chest was lightly hairy. My shoulders were very broad, and my posture was perfect. In fact, both us were perfectly proportioned.

Let me describe now my mate. She had blue eyes. Her face tended to be round. Her ears were small in proportion to her head. Her hair had beautiful, graceful natural curls. It was very long, and seemed to me like a beautiful river. It was also of a brownish hue.

She was rather solid in her physical makeup, though I never thought of her as massive. For me, she was grace personified, and when she moved, it seemed like the Heavens were opening up. I often had that feeling when we were together. Her lips were also prominent and fairly thick, as mine were. She had a very ample figure, though it had a sort of miraculous lightness and airiness to it, which to me was quite magical.

You are wondering about our skin color. Well, our skin was not white, but a little on the dark side, though still fairly clear. It was closer to an Asian color than to the Caucasian. In fact, we would have been surprised that anyone could have white skin. I mean no disrespect at all by this; I only state the fact.

Let me close for now. I know it has been fascinating for you to receive this. May you have a wonderful evening.