Messages 2007

The First Parents communication with God.

March 15th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aman.

I come this morning in response to a request from M____ for information. He wanted to know how my partner and I communicated with God.

Well, as we learned in the spirit world, before the Fall, we were in what became the sixth sphere soul development. That is, we had no sin and error. All our needs were met, and we were in close communication with God.

It is a good question. Since we did not possess the Divine Love, how could we have been close to God? Well, we were. It was an unusual dispensation, one which has never been duplicated. Sixth sphere spirits since then do not have that close connection as we had. It was a knowing rather than a thought, just as we knew how to communicate with language instantly, even though we had not used language before God gave us a soul.

No, our circumstances were most unusual because we were the first humans. Of course, this closeness to God was not what we now possess in the New Birth, which is infinitely better. And yet there was a closeness to God, though inferior to our present state.

It was unlike anything any sixth-spherian has ever experienced. These sixth sphere souls possess intuitive gifts, though these gifts as not as great as those that come with the Divine Love. And so, Amon and I both knew that we had a Creator who Loved us. You are wondering how this was possible, since we had no soul development in Divine Love. But our souls were indeed pure.

And we knew intuitively about praying for the Divine Love. This knowledge was implanted in us with the coming of our souls. I say we knew that there was a path we could take to make us one with God. But in our conceit, we felt we could adopt a better way. We arrived at this conclusion independently, but we did encourage each other in this way. The Divine pathway was a potential we comprehended fully.

To grasp the situation, it is necessary to understand the specialness of our situation. We were given certain privileges, and one of these was an innate knowledge of God and His plan to have us pray for the Divine Love. But after the Fall, this arrangement in our soul deterioriated. This was because of the extent of the pride which possessed us. So whatever closeness there was, was lost.

So, to summarize, we were a special case and, whereas we did not possess the New Birth, we did, however, have a closeness to God and a knowledge of His laws. And the blessing for us was that when we finally experienced the New Birth, our soul state exceeded our initial state.