Messages 2007

The First Parents - their family and their language.

January 24th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aman.

I know you have been curious about our family. A church member once talked about this. You want to know more.

Well, what was discussed was substantially the truth. That is, our physical being was born of natural parents, who in turn had been born of their own parents. No, our bodies were not created instantaneously, as some have thought, but evolved just as all of God’s creatures evolved. This aspect of evolution is true, as to our physical bodies.

So, we were both nurtured physically as infants and then children. But our soul was placed in us when we were already adults. We thus had no clear memories of our earlier life before that great moment. As soon as we possessed a soul, all of the normal human psychological manifestations appeared.

There were aunts and cousins, parents and grandparents. But they were not human like us - they were really animals, though of the same species. We wandered off from the family, since we could find no way of relating to them at all. How could we? They were incapable of rational thought, speech, or anything human. We knew that forevermore we were apart.

Amon and I came from different families, though connected loosely. They were indeed a primate species of humanoids. But we ourselves were more beautiful than our animal relatives, and we knew, even from our very appearance, that we were marked even by Nature to be different.

I know all this sounds like crazy science fiction, and yet it is all true, and you are channeling my thoughts correctly. Once we became human, our ties were completely severed from our other relatives, and we knew our destiny was to live together, separated from our biological kin.

You are wondering about the language we used. Well, that is an excellent question. How could we use language if our linguistic ability did not evolve from childhood practice, as has been the norm ever since?

Well, the answer is that the Creator provided a special dispensation, in that he made it possible that along with the gift of the soul came another gift of language, that is, an ability to communicate with words our thoughts and feelings. This ability was imparted instantly along with our soul.

We could not explain how we understood each other’s words, but we did. Indeed, it was so natural to us, and immediately so, that it never struck us as strange, even though we had never done so before. We had almost no memories of our past, since we were animals before then. So language was as natural as thought, and all the other great gifts that came with the soul.

When we entered the spirit world, gradually a yearning grew in us to regain our original high estate, and when Jesus preached on Earth the New Birth of the soul, we knew intuitively that this was the way our Creator was graciously and lovingly giving us a second chance, as it were, and we took it, with the most profound sense of gratitude and joy. Indeed, these feelings were so intense that we could not articulate them.

For it was like being restored to a fairy kingdom, it seemed so unbelievable. But it was real! We could recover our lost glory! Oh, how wonderful it all was! How eagerly we tried the experiment, and how thrilled we were when it worked!

So we entered the Celestial Heavens, and we considered ourselves the happiest beings in all God’s universe. How we bless the Master and the Creator for making real again our longlost past!