Messages 2007

The language of the First Parents - 2.

September 19, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aman.

I described, in my channeling of January 26, 2007, the language Amon and I used as fairly primitive. You are wondering if our language was richer before the Fall.

It is a very good question. We were blessed with a rather extensive intellectual potential. We originally had the capacity for advanced thought. But we did not have time to develop or explore it, for the Fall happened fairly quickly in our lives, even though we did have time to enjoy our exalted condition.

After the Fall, we truly became more primitive, since our animal nature came to the fore. So our language simply reflected this.

In that blessed state before the Fall, we were preoccupied only with happiness, so it did not occur to us to ponder at length abstractly. No, our minds were integrated with the rest of our personality, and even then, intellectual pursuits did not really attract us. We were happy, and our thoughts reflected our joy. And after the Fall, our thoughts reflected our sorrow, along with a general lower mentality.

You are wondering how we had no concept of grammar. Well, even before the Fall, grammar was not something we were aware of, though obviously, there were parts of speech. What I meant in that earlier channeling is that it was just not something we thought about. Speech was like breathing, so we didn’t reflect on language itself.

You are thinking that, as the first parents of God’s highest creation, we must have had great intellectual endowments. Well, as I recall, the potential for intellectual development was certainly there. But that potential stopped with the Fall, so that after this tragedy, our minds became more primitive because the animal nature had asserted itself.