Messages 2007

The Nutritional needs of the First Parents and of The Master.

January 24th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aman, the first father parent.

You read in the Padgett message which I channeled that after the Fall, “we [the first parents] continued to live in the same place as formerly, but no more could we be satisfied with the spiritual food that had supplied our wants and enabled us to subdue the appetites which formed a part of our physical being.” You are wondering what this spiritual food means, and how we nourished our bodies before the Fall.

Well, though we had all the physical organs pertaining to digestion and elimination that mortals have always had, the configuration of our personality was such that our physical body actually did not require what it later came to need. Let me elaborate.

In your enlightened time, biologists have learned about nutrition and how the human body requires certain nutrients in order to function correctly. But before the Fall, because we were in an exalted condition, our bodies simply did not have these same requirements.

This does not mean that we did not eat food, for we did. But it does mean that our spiritual state was such that our physical body did not need nutrients in the same way that it has needed ever since, and had we not fallen, the nutritional needs of the human race would have remained as it was for us.

I know it’s hard to understand, but it is true. You are wondering how this could be, if in order for our nerves and organs to work, these body parts did not get the proper nutrients.

Well, think of it this way. You have actually learned, through your own direct experience, that the Divine Love has a powerful positive effect on the physical body, balancing the hormones and generally promoting physical health, which is really the same thing as saying that the state of a mortal’s soul impacts directly on that mortal’s physical health.

Well, the “spiritual food” I referred to was the different balance of our soul with our body, which altered the biochemistry and the metabolism of our physical being. This altered state was radically different from anything humanity has ever experienced.

Let me speak now about the Master. Because he experienced the New Birth soul condition as a mortal, his physical nature was directly affected, so it would be accurate to say that because of this, his nutritional needs were somewhat different from other mortals.

Even though biological science was not what it is today, nevertheless, he remained perfectly healthy through his faith, for this faith automatically attracted opportunities to feed his physical body.

In other words, because of the state of his soul, the Creator was able to bring him everything he needed for the sustenance of his body, and thus it is a fact that throughout his ministry (when the New Birth soul condition was his), he was actually in perfect physical health, and this was apparent through a sense of well-being that actually manifested on a physical level as well as a spiritual one.

The Creator knew both what nutrition to provide him, and where to get this nutrition. And it is also fair to say that because the New Birth soul condition was his, consequently, his nutritional needs were altered.

Well, we, the first parents, did not possess the New Birth, and yet we were more exalted physically than any other of our descendants, and had we not fallen, the human race would have been completely different, even as to the physical body.

As it was, after the Fall, the physical nature asserted itself, and we immediately lost this exalted spiritual state. We both felt this profound change, and it was a terrible shock. Something in both of us just shut down, and with this tragic change, our physical bodies also changed. But in addition, we lost any sense of our exalted spiritual sense.

You have had the thought, wasn’t this unfair of the Creator? Why couldn’t He have given us another chance?

Well, the answer is, we didn’t want another chance. Certain aspects of our changed nature happened by choice - we did not desire a closeness to the Creator. It was that simple.

I hope I have clarified for you what you wanted to know. If you would like further clarification, I will be glad to oblige.