Messages 2007

The Progression of the Fall.

January 29th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aman.

You read in the Padgett message, “As we became progressively more disconnected from our souls and their spiritual powers ….”1

You channeled me as saying that something in us “shut down” immediately. You are wondering where the truth is. Did we fall instantly, or was it gradual?

Well, when pride blinded us to God, we felt something we hadn’t felt before - a disconnection from God. As time wore on, this disconnection only widened as our pride hardened. The exalted spiritual connection was broken by our rebelliousness as soon as we conceived the idea of achieving greatness without God’s help. From there, it was an easy descent to our animal nature. This was progressive.

The pride severed the reality of our closeness to God, for we could no longer feel this with our arrogance in place. By “progressive,” I meant the unfolding of our new unfortunate life. Our pride set in motion this new reality, for we could not recapture our lost estate.

So don’t be perturbed by that word. It simply means that though the transition to our new state was progressive, it was our pride that immediately set this in motion. It wasn’t an instantaneous change, but what was immediate was this new feeling of disconnection caused by our pride. That’s what I meant by something in us shutting down.


1 I am currently unable to locate this text in the Padgett Messages. It may be that FAB was using as his reference a publication based on the messages but which has been edited somewhat.