Messages 2007

The sister of Cain and Abel relates her experiences.

January 25th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jael.

I am one of the sisters of Cain and Abel, and the daughter of Aman and Amon. The fact that my name has been remembered is simply the sign of the workings of ancestral memory. [Jael is a character in the Bible, and in the American popular myth/legend of Superman, Superman’s father is Jor-El, a near equivalent. Also, Yael is a modern Hebrew name of Israel.]

I lived a very long life, much longer than what mortals even now are accustomed to. My life was difficult, for after my brother Abel was murdered, we all lived in fear of Cain, who was very strong, and possessed sometimes a volcanic anger.

But he passed away when he was not very old, and that was a relief for all of us.

You are wondering how we, the first family, responded to death. Well, when we perceived that Abel would not move or respond, and that nevermore would he have life, we realized that we too would die.

It was not such a foreign experience as you would suppose, though it was new to us. No, the physical part of human beings, like animals, is created from Nature, and since death is part of the natural cycle, it is only natural that we of the first family would have some sort of beginning intuitive connection to the reality of death.

You are wondering if your being Jewish predisposed you to channel my name as Jael incorrectly. Well, you were unaware when you were receiving this message that Yael is a contemporary Israeli name. You may have remembered the Biblical character, but yes, my name was truly Jael. You got a strong thought impression, and it was I prompting you. In fact, the Bible, despite its distortions, has often carried on these ancestral memories, and thus you find my name as a character there.

Well, I knew two of my four brothers and gave birth to seven children. After awhile, I developed some beginning maternal feeling for my children. I did not get this from my own mother, Amon - I picked it up on my own. Besides, the Creator gave me a maternal instinct, despite the rather primitive conditions that prevailed.

I lived to see many great-grandchildren, but our family structure was diffuse and not very cohesive. In fact, it was closer to what is generally considered primitive, for there were no guidelines and no established procedures and expectations. We just naturally evolved as a growing family.

I witnessed the death of my parents when they were very old. I discovered later that because they were the first humans, their bodies were exceedingly strong, and so they lived beyond what is considered very old in your time.

I don’t know how to count the years, but they died at an age that would have been physically impossible for any other mortal, even those mortals who have lived to 125 or 130. No, they far surpassed this age, and in fact, they had not really deteriorated in their ancient years, but eventually, they simply died a natural death of fatigue.

They never talked about their first time of glory, but I could sense that there was a great trouble about it.

Well, let me close for now. I am unknown to history, but humanity (or at least many who are not fixated on the Bible) is moving way from a literal interpretation of the Bible, and in this process, the ancient world will have to be seen in a new way.