Messages 2007

The Two Natures of the First Parents and of Humanity.

September 24, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aman.

Before the Fall, Amon and I had a perfectly adjusted relationship between our animal and our spiritual nature. Both were in balance. We were healthy, but we gave to our spiritual nature the ascendancy. This did not preclude physical pleasure, but we were able to understand the proper place of this pleasure in our lives. We understood the dual nature of our being, and recognized that both came from God.

In the Padgett messages, references to “subduing” our animal nature simply meant that this lower nature could not cause us to sin or manifest disproportion in our behavior. It did not mean that we unreasonably denied or punished ourselves. This interpretation arose later in the church because there was a false understanding of the animal nature, which is not bad but good.

After the Fall, our spiritual nature withered and died, so all we could perceive and manifest was the physical.

As humanity evolves into greater awareness, it will be easier to bring these two natures into their proper balance.

It has been counterproductive to disparage the animal nature, for it comes from God. But it has been even more harmful to deny humanity’s spiritual nature. With the growth of science, the latter has seemed easier. But in your contemporary world, there is an intense worldwide spiritual hunger which science cannot either comprehend or address.

So, to conclude, before the Fall, Amon and I understood our dual nature, and we naturally were able to assert our spiritual nature in a way which did not deny our lower nature.

People are more and more reclaiming their birthright, which is a proper and therefore happy and healthy rapport between these two God-given natures.