Messages 2007

Thoughts of a 19th Century American Statesman.

March 10th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Charles Sumner.

Yes, the causes I fought for still concern me very much. Life in the spirit world has not dimmed my passions. I knew I was right, when I was a mortal, to champion equality for African Americans, and to oppose war. I see now that history is moving toward what I represented, as I knew it eventually would.

You will live to see spectacular beneficial changes in the world. These changes are latent, but the passion that will bring them about already exists in the hearts and souls of many mortals, and is just awaiting the magic Hand of the Almighty to trigger reactions that will move the world closer to love and peace. Yes, some problems will not be solved overnight, but there is a war weariness in the world that will take precedence over continuing hostilities.

Yes, I see a line of progress from my time on Earth to yours. In little more than a hundred years, so much good change has occurred. Now new challenges await humanity, but there is already a core of people in the world who have demonstrated perseverance and dedication to righteousness and love and peace. The torch has passed to your generation, and we have no doubt that, with God’s help, redemption will come to the Earth.

God bless all the people of the world, whom God Loves equally. I am a Celestial Angel.


Charles Sumner (January 6, 1811 – March 11, 1874) was an American politician and statesman from Massachusetts. An academic lawyer but a powerful orator, Sumner was the leader of the antislavery forces in Massachusetts and a leader of the Radical Republicans in the U.S. Senate during the American Civil War and Reconstruction along with Thaddeus Stevens. He jumped from party to party, gaining fame as a Republican. One of the most learned statesmen of the era, he specialized in foreign affairs, working closely with Abraham Lincoln. He devoted his enormous energies to the destruction of what he considered the Slave Power, that is the conspiracy of slave owners to seize control of the federal government and block the progress of liberty. (Source: Wikipedia)