Messages 2008

A battle between Light and Darkness.

January 1, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Thomas Jefferson.

In reading the book “Up from Conservatism”, you were struck by, and painfully reminded of, the unhappy fact that our country, in comparison to other what are called industrial democracies, seems almost at the bottom. These other countries currently enjoy so many social benefits for the people that the United States currently lacks. So how can all these things you’ve been channeling for years now be true? How can our country be that beacon of freedom and opportunity we have been predicting?

You are seeing too much in the short term, that is, the present. America is both the problem and the solution, the devil and the angel. There is currently a battle for the soul of America that mirrors humanity’s battle between light and darkness.

Don’t think that other more enlightened countries don’t have their struggle with light and darkness, for they all do. It’s just that the battle is currently taking a very intense form in the country of your birth.

The answer to your question posed above lies in the future. That is, the future will bring this greatness. Though it might sound naive to say so, America is currently in transition. But this transition had to be accompanied by this darkness in order for the light to prevail.

The darkness is loud, aggressive, unfair, and domineering, while the light is more quiet, self-assured, and truly trusting in God, with a great deal of love, much of which is Divine Love. Both human tendencies are strong in current America, and this fight has to be played out, until the good shall prevail, and you will live to see this triumph.

You do not know what the country will be like when the battle is over. All you currently see is a huge ominous cloud covering the sky. But life has shown you that every storm passes, followed by the sun.