Messages 2008

A Beat Writer’s Journey.

April 16th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jack Kerouac.

I did impress you to buy my book, “The Dharma Bums” this evening. Thank you for listening to your guidance.

What you don’t see is that I was trying to get to something new and different. In the conformist mood of the Cold War, I felt that an alternative was necessary, a message that was simultaneously spiritual and inserted in the reality of that time.

I understand your displeasure with my book On the Road, but there too, I was reaching beyond the times to a new arrangement. It’s not the first time a “loser” is presented in a novel - you know that from your study of French literature.

As you explore the spiritual presence in American culture and literature, be aware that writers like me did seek for something higher. If we didn’t fully succeed, it’s only because we were mortals. But the important thing is that we did seek and as you know, when we seek, we eventually find.

I had to go through a great deal, which I knew even before I died, but I did have a soul hungry for spiritual truth. If I erred, that did not deny this spiritual hunger. And so, my yearnings were satisfied, even as I had to work hard on myself.

I thank you for taking this message. I wanted to alter your perception of me and my work. I also wanted to help you integrate your life by making a connection to San Francisco, which is your future home, and the literary scene this city is famous for.

It was I who guided you to the Beat Museum tonight. It was my way of welcoming you to San Francisco. I also inspired its owner to give you a free pass to the museum, so that you would be encouraged to revisit it. I see my guidance worked!

So you see, I have made progress on my spiritual journey, because I really wanted to.

I see this channeling has helped you to think better of me. That was my intention.


Jack Kerouac (March 12, 1922 – October 21, 1969) was an American novelist, writer, poet, and artist from Lowell, Massachusetts. Along with William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, he is amongst the best known of the writers (and friends) known as the Beat Generation.

Kerouac’s work was very popular, but received little critical acclaim during his lifetime. Today, he is considered an important and influential writer who inspired others, including Tom Robbins, Lester Bangs, Richard Brautigan, and Ken Kesey, and writers of the New Journalism. Kerouac also influenced musicians such as The Beatles, Ben Gibbard, Bob Dylan, Morrissey, Tom Waits, Simon & Garfunkel, Lebris, Ulf Lundell and Jim Morrison. Kerouac’s best-known books are On the Road, The Dharma Bums, Big Sur, and Visions of Cody. (Source: Wikipedia)