Messages 2008

A Folksinger Is Happy.

March 5th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Phil Ochs.

Oh, I am so happy now! I have no more burdens, and I am free to follow my gypsy heart anywhere it takes me. My songs are now sharper, clearer, but also sweeter and happier, reflecting my redemption from the slavery of my misdirected will. I am so grateful to be free of the horrible suffering that I began with on this side.

When I said sharper and clearer (and I did say that), I meant that I am writing not essentially from the stance of a rebel, but from that of a soul who has found peace and happiness. And my vision embraces so much more. For someone with my type of personality, this spirit world is a paradise, and I spend all my time in gratitude to the Creator for giving me the ability to compose music honoring Him.

You feel that you will live to see the fulfillment of the 1960s, and I wish to confirm your perception. It is already here in America, only submerged by all the darkness.

And the darkness will lift, to reveal a country finding its freedom and finding its birth.