Messages 2008

A Kennedy’s Experiences in Spirit -2.

October 17th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, John Kennedy Jr.

I’d like to add to my previous channeling. There is more I wish to say. You are correct; I did, of course, suffer because I caused my own death as well. I phrased it the way I did in the previous message because it was bad enough that I died, but my own wife and her sister died as well.

My sufferings were unbearable because I had been warned by many, including my own mother, who expressed herself quite clearly, about the dangers I incurred because of my incompetence as a pilot. Why couldn’t I have listened to the warnings? But I was headstrong, and it’s too late to do anything about it. So when I first came over here, I was a wreck. There seemed no hope at all. You can scarcely imagine how unbearable it all was. And even now, I can scarce forgive myself.

But my grandmother Rose, who had seen it coming, came to me to comfort me. She told me about God’s Love. I didn’t see what good that, or anything, could do, since I was dead, and also my wife and sister-in-law, because of my own folly. But she confirmed what the Angel said.

My mother did teach me moral principles as a child, so I did have a sense of goodness. I could not at first see how anything at all could help me, but as my grandmother talked to me, I saw that there was hope. She talked about forgiving myself, and about how God Loved me.

At first, all I could think about was my guilt and the consequences of my folly. But she insisted, and told the story of many spirits she had known who had arisen out of their darkness. She also talked about herself and various struggles she had overcome, with the help of God’s Love. She told me that there was goodness in me. The truth is that I am not yet out of the woods, but I have tried to put a brave face on it. I had been one to try to make the best of things, and that followed me here.

My Angel guide knew so much more than my grandmother. They both advised me. They worked as a team. My grandmother was nowhere near as developed as the Angel, but it was easier at first to listen to her. But the Angel came and amplified what she said in a way I could understand.

Yes, I did say, “it’s a great life,” since that’s the way I saw it as a mortal. So there was the darkness caused by my folly, and my positive spin on life. Both were strong.

The good news is that I now have the hope of happiness, though I still get stuck by circumstances that cannot possibly be reversed. But I am no longer totally hopeless.