Messages 2008

A Poet’s Journey Toward Faith.

March 6th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Pablo Neruda.

I know you are thinking that you channeled me incorrectly because you discovered, by reading my biography, that I was an atheist and had much sadness.

Yes, it is true. I could not see a divine purpose to life. But my thoughts came through accurately yesterday. So how was this change made possible?

The answer - by the mere fact that the spirit world exists. Once I realized this, it caused the greatest revolution in my thinking that I had ever had. And it was very, very difficult, almost impossibly so.

In my distress, I yearned for relief. I saw that the sadness that possessed me on earth did not now seem appropriate, since all the causes of my sadness were removed. Gone were death, war, physical sickness, and injustice. I simply could not think of life in the same way. The fact that I had died and was now very much alive could not be denied, and I thus realized how completely inadequate was my point of view.

In my confused and helpless state, a beautiful spirit came to me. She said that my poetry reflected a much greater reality, and that very few mortals have had access to it. She said that what I picked up in my poetry were actually reflections of the divine.

That stunned me. I had never perceived this as I did now. It was the bridge that allowed me to begin my journey toward faith. As I reflected on my earth life, I realized that I had had a strong sense of justice, and furthermore, I acted on it. This was very beneficial and sustained me. I observed that other spirits who had similar beliefs but not this strong justice component had much more difficulty than I had.

So I really struggled a lot. It was not easy. But in time, and with the help of many Angelic spirits, I did progress into the light. So my life proves that a sad atheist does not have to stay stuck in a rut. For that’s exactly what it was. This spirit world made it abundantly clear.

Another factor which increased my progress into the light was my joy in the creative nature of reality, which was with me on earth. I always knew, when I was writing a poem, that this experience was somehow higher and more rarefied than any other experience. But I never imagined that one day, this perception would blossom into the flower of faith and belief.

So don’t doubt your channeling, and accept best wishes from a fellow poet.