Messages 2008

An English King Reviews His Reign.

February 21st, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Charles I.

Oh, how many mistakes I made when I was king! How many missed chances to serve my people well! Of course, I did not perceive it this way as a mortal, but over here, it is as clear as day.

I felt that I was the monarch, and that I had a divine right to rule. But I found out very quickly in spirit that there was nothing divine about me at all, and that servants and beggars were really my equals all along. Oh, what a shock it was!

When my utter littleness dawned on my consciousness, I went back in my mind over my reign, and it appeared in a completely different light. I saw how I actually incited my people against me, which ultimately resulted in my tragic death. Why, I myself created those negative conditions that caused my beheading! I was, and am, intelligent, but in this area, I was completely blind.

Your intuition was correct - I am coming to you tonight with a message for your time.

Your country’s leaders are making the same sort of mistakes I made, that is, disrespecting the rights and feelings of their fellow citizens. But their predicament is so much more serious than even mine was, and just as the evil I did came back to me, so their own evil will be reaped. They themselves created these negative conditions by disregarding human beings. So they have already set this mechanism in motion, and nothing, but nothing, can stop it.

I have watched this drama unfold, and I have sought to penetrate their consciousness, as have other spirits. But though we did try, we also knew that they were set in their ways. They are truly to be pitied. Out of the ashes of the tragedies they spawned will rise a new order of justice, and peace and love will most certainly have a sure chance of prevailing.

I wish you a glorious evening, and encourage you to believe that the timing of all this will be perfect. So when it occurs, you will know that this will be the exact time the Creator feels it should happen.


Charles I (19 November 1600 – 30 January 1649) was King of England, King of Scotland and King of Ireland from 27 March 1625 until his execution.

Charles famously engaged in a struggle for power with the Parliament of England. He was an advocate of the Divine Right of Kings, and many in England feared that he was attempting to gain absolute power. Many of his actions, particularly the levying of taxes without Parliament’s consent, caused widespread opposition.

Religious conflicts permeated Charles’s reign. He married a Catholic princess, Henrietta Maria of France, over the objections of Parliament and public opinion. He further allied himself with controversial religious figures, including the ecclesiastic Richard Montagu and William Laud, whom Charles appointed Archbishop of Canterbury. Many of Charles’s subjects felt this brought the Church of England too close to Roman Catholicism. Charles’s later attempts to force religious reforms upon Scotland led to the Bishops’ Wars that weakened England’s government and helped precipitate his downfall. (Source: Wikipedia)