Messages 2008

An uplifting of the spirit.

January 13th, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


Hello and an uplifting of the spirit as it is with Divine Love,

I direct this message to the request of M….. and her husband A….. The reconciliation of love is one of goodbye and hello. M…., your husband has within his soul a little grief from long ago when his father passed into the spirit world. The feeling that comes from loss and from not being able to say goodbye has kept a sense of sadness within your husband’s soul. That now requires him to forgive himself and to let this goodbye go into love and into the liberation of saying “hello, my dear father I love you”.

His father I sense with my soul’s perceptions, desires to say hello and also that his son, your husband need no longer live in the shadow of the past regarding the event of not being with him at the time of his passing. Your husband was not responsible for his father’s passing and this requires forgiveness, as his father in spirit has also learnt forgiveness. When souls are in Divine Love in the mortal world, such as you are both, Celestial spirits do visit you even if one may not be entirely aware of their presence. I have not met your husband’s father personally as spirit to spirit, yet I do know that when you both decide to pray to the Heavenly Father for Divine Love, ask for your husband’s father who is a spirit to be present and for your husband to act in faith and to say “Hello my father” and “I love you”. See this as a new beginning and in this time your husband will sense a lightening of the heart. These interactions among family members really do happen and it takes faith to act in the knowing that these exchanges do transpire and that the respective spirits are present and all giving’s are received from mortal to spirit and from spirit to mortal. Set a nice place in your house aside for you to pray in and ask in your soul thoughts for your father-in-law to be present. When your father-in-law is present, ask if he knows of the Heavenly Father’s Divine Love and trust in the open receiving of your feelings and the Truth shall be made known and clear to you.

There is no need for events that have transpired in your past to cause soul affliction in the present. Our Heavenly Father has provided the way that reunions between mortals and spirits who were once related when on Earth, to share and to find the present together again.

Trust in faith, love from your spirit friend, Gandhi