Messages 2008

Carry the Light of the Love Within You.

July 2nd, 2008.

Vail, CO, USA.

Received by D.L.


It has been some time since I have had the privilege and honor to speak through you, my dear D____. This is your sister in Christ, known in the world as Mary Magdalene. And I come to you today because I have for so long been a participant on the sidelines, when my dear beloved Jesus has given his wonderful messages to you, and through you, and through others; and I have always wanted everyone to know that I have been there when this has occurred. For my beloved and I are never really apart. And as his love goes out to you, and mine also, it is in supplication that we all will continue to grow in the Love and to use that Love in a very benevolent and effective fashion.

It matters not where you are, or what time of day, the Love is always there for you to tap, and God is always there listening, waiting, and delighted when you ask Him from your hearts for that Love. I had mentioned to you in an earlier message that it was not time to shout to the housetops that I am Mary, Jesus’ soul mate1; because what is most important is that we are all “one,” who have possession of this Love. And, essentially, neither Jesus nor I feel that it is important for one or another to be singled out. We are all in this together, as some of your friends might say, which is beautiful, and this is what I wanted to share with you, because I want to support what my beloved Jesus said, which is to say that the use of this Love is always available, just as you can always seek it yourself.

Jesus now, and certainly I, and all your circle of guardians who are here with you today, want to reaffirm and want to encourage that you look upon every person that you meet with the Love that you already possess. We want you to do what Jesus and his disciples on earth had done, which was simply to carry the Love encased within them through all their travels. And as they did so, people were attracted to them. Many wanted to know, “Why do I feel this ‘pull’? Why do I feel this desire to know something about these people? They seem very kind; I wonder why they are traveling in a group such as this? Perhaps we should heed, pay attention, and maybe they will tell us of their mission.” Well, you too are a group and, as Jesus has said, you are his disciples! Never forget that! Always realize that!

Wherever you go, you carry the Light of the Love within you. Be aware of that and be confident that those who are seeking will see that Light and feel the Love-prompting. They will want something. They will want what they see but will not initially quite understand.

This is how your Love can communicate. And as it does, more and more, you will realize, by the reactions of others, just as in the days of Jesus and his disciples on earth, that people will be drawn to you. It need not be a group; mostly it will probably be an individual. Furthermore, you won’t always be in this magnificent group together. Many more times, you will be alone, but never really alone. You have that which is always there. It is the Love and it is within you. And at any given point of time and in the presence of any person that Love is always there.

And so how shall it be put to use? My suggestion is that, though you may feel that you are not “high “enough yet, don’t have “enough” Love yet, I don’t want you to think in those terms. I want you to relax; I want you to know, and we are all here to affirm this again, that you are Celestially-bound. There will be no stopping that fulfillment. And so knowing this, what have you got to fear? What have you got to question? All you have to do is what so many of you occasionally say: “Just be in the Love.” Others will pick this up and, while this occurs, whether you see a reaction or not, whether you see or hear a question or not from that person or group that you are facing at any given time, I want you to learn and relax in the reality that, for those who are seeking, they will see and hear the calling. And I want you to feel reassured that you don’t need a particular sign or a particular confirmation. What you need is within you: to be confident that you have passed on what God would have you pass on by your sharing the Love within you with them.

Although my dear friend, D____, received only one message from me, I want you to know that I have been with all of you many, many times. For as Jesus loves you, do you think that I do not also? But, occasionally, and this seemed to be a wonderful time, I wanted to assure you of this fact: I wanted to tell you that, as Jesus loves you with his great heart, I too most humbly love you all as he does. And all your guardians and the spirits around you right now, want to affirm that you have one of the biggest followings you could ever imagine. So, don’t you ever think you are alone or ineffective; it is certainly not true. You are one of us, and we want you to walk in the paths that we walk. And we want you to minister unto those who seek “they know not what.” In you, they will find something to ask about, to seek a little further, maybe not in your presence, or at the time, but this meeting will have an effect. And we are there to help you. Do you think that when you are giving your Love to someone or to a group, that we are not there with you? Don’t take the whole burden upon yourselves! We’re giving our Love too! We’re here to help.

I think you understand what I am trying to say: that we all want to tell you that we are so proud of you, and we are so delighted in your annual meetings, and how you come together to be nourished by the Love and to receive more of that Love so that you can continue to do God’s Will, to help bring all of His children ultimately into His Kingdom, where joy is beyond description, where Love flows from all and is interchangeable into such bliss. You are going there. Have no doubt about that. And I know you are going to take lots of people with you, because you are going to help give them how to obtain the Elixir of Life, the Divine Love.

God bless you all - and the chorus here echoes what I have just said. We all bless you as our dear brothers and sisters in God’s Love.

This is Mary, once known as Mary Magdalene.


1 There is presently a division among various contemporary mediums as to whether Mary Magdalene is Jesus’ soul mate, as is suggested in this message.