Messages 2008

Comfort from the Inspiration of The Sound of Music.

September 9th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, the Baron von Trapp.

I knew my career would inspire others. I also knew the Nazis would be defeated, not because of the Allied offensive, but because the Nazis were unjust and cruel. I felt they had no right to invade and take over my beloved Austria.

Now that dark forces threaten again, I say to you that an unjust system cannot remain, and must yield to truth. The more you contemplate this, the more confident and happy you will be at this difficult time.


Georg Ludwig von Trapp was born in Zadar, Dalmatia, then part of Austria-Hungary, now in Croatia. His father, August von Trapp, died in 1884, when he was four. His older sister was the Austrian artist Hede von Trapp. He also had a brother, Werner Von Trapp who died in World War I in 1915. In 1894, he followed his father’s career into the Austro-Hungarian Navy, entering the naval academy at Fiume. He graduated four years later and completed two years of follow-on training voyages including a trip to Australia. In 1900 he was assigned to the armored cruiser Kaiserin und Konigin Maria Theresia and was decorated for his performance during the Boxer Rebellion. In 1902 he passed the officer’s examination.

In early May 1938, the family, opposed to Hitler’s annexation of Austria, his ordering them to perform, and having received offers to perform in the United States, left Austria and fled to Italy by train (not to Switzerland on foot as depicted in The Sound of Music) and then to the United States. After living for a short time in Merion, Pennsylvania, where their last child Joannes was born, the family settled in Stowe, Vermont in 1941. They purchased the old Gale Farm where they built a home which they named Cor Unum (One Heart).(Source: Wikipedia)