Messages 2008

Humanity Builds Its Foundation.

June 7th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Confucius.

I have deliberately used the Western, Latinized form of my name with you because that’s how you relate best to me at this time. So you channeled it correctly.

I am pleased that you are studying Chinese history. It is full of the drama and tragedy of human life, a vast ocean of experience for which endless novels and plays can be written. Yes, Chinese history and culture can teach humanity much about the human condition and life.

I myself did not live to see my dreams come true, even though I tried. This was a cause of heartbreak to me. I felt a deep kinship with the spirit of the Greek thinker Plato, who like me tried to implement his teachings and failed. But we both observed how our writings and our thought lived on.

As I have told you before, there is an important place for my thought in the modern world.

Don’t ever get discouraged by any negative news event. The world is now convulsed, and humanity will survive this period, just as it often survived other times of severe crisis in Chinese history. The factor that more than anything else makes this possible, time after time, is character and virtue. For example, you see it recognized in your own culture with the acknowledgment of those who survived the terrible dislocations of the 1930s and 1940s, called “the greatest generation.”

And it is true that what remains is the best of humanity, for those who display the virtues of courage, love of truth, and a passion for justice receive the torch that was handed to them from similar noble souls of the past. And so, humanity not only survives, but remakes itself, building on the precious heritage of the past. And what is now occurring is a vast synthesis of cultures the likes of which has never been.

The adverse effects of the current system cannot crush the human spirit, which actually is now thriving, despite the terrible constraint, for though the system seems to be gobbling everything up whole, it is actually stimulating a revival of interest in, and commitment to, the different world cultures, particularly the indigenous cultures. It is strengthening those who love justice and truth.

A way will be found to shake the foundation of this system, so that a saner, more productive system will be implemented in its place. And this alternative system, based on true human need, has actually already been born, in the form of many enlightened books, and the efforts of many worldwide to stand against this abuse and replace it with something better. I say, this new system is already here, and there is literally nothing anyone or anything can do to stop it.

Truth and wisdom are what they are, whether it comes from China or Nigeria. And humanity is all connected by the common bond of possessing the exact same needs. And the laws of justice apply equally to aggrieved workers in your country, as well as to fishermen in Asia adversely affected by current trends.

It is all coming together. It is building to a climax. I know you do see this, but sometimes you wobble because of the adverse currents. So know, with a profound conviction, that justice will triumph, and humanity will find what it is looking for - a world where basic needs are met, and people can live together in peace.

Anger, hatred, and violence have a relatively short life on the world stage. What is more durable is the transformation of negative trends to forgiveness and love. And as more and more people wake up to this great transcendent truth, the world will evolve accordingly.

I realize I have been speaking in a somewhat rhapsodic manner. But I have been speaking the truth, which history will confirm.