Messages 2008

Imperfections of the Founding Fathers.

November 22nd, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Benjamin Franklin.

Yes, all we founding fathers quickly discovered over here that all are equal. We couldn’t perceive that quite so clearly on earth. We felt we were privileged to rule for reasons about which we convinced ourselves.

There are ignorant spirits and enlightened spirits, those with an advanced view of human destiny and those who are totally devoid of this quality.

The more you read about what we did, the more confused you get about our achievement. Keep in mind that souls are complex, and that many factors contribute to the fate we spirits have to endure.

Let me clarify a thought for you. One can perceive ignorance in another, and then one can take efforts to harm that person. It all depends on free-will choices.

I know you are unhappy to read that it was felt that poor people, as well as blacks and women, should not vote. Yes, that was the prejudice of the time. It’s how we thought. And reality over here has disabused us of much in our thinking that was, alas!, erroneous. But also there was much that was true and that served us well.