Messages 2008

Thomas Jefferson and His Country.

December 30th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Thomas Jefferson:

I know you were incredulous just now when you read my channeling where I say that I am still interested in my country. How could that be, you think, if I inhabit the Celestial Heavens?

Well, it is a reality, not because I need to, but because I want to. My affection and love for my country were great, and as I progressed higher and higher in the spheres, somehow this love of mine, what you would call my first love, stayed with me.

You must know that Celestial Angels have been continually at work on the earthplane, so why wouldn’t I also continue to express my passion?

Now you are thinking, but that is a thing of the earth. And yes, you are right. It is no longer my first passion. It does not absorb me now as it did on earth.

And yet something of what I felt on earth remains. I think it’s tied to the desire of us Angels to foster the betterment of humanity on earth, and I realized, even before I crossed over, that I had some sort of a central role in destiny’s design.

A Celestial Angel retains all his or her sympathy for mortals. Our desires and yearnings have all been purified in the Divine Love, and earth passions are correspondingly transformed.

So then you wonder, why would I retain my love of country? Let me elaborate.

On earth, my very survival was tied to my country. I was also gifted in my political perceptions, and there was a great meeting in my mind and soul of love for humanity and for the political process.

When I entered the spirit world, I saw that everything had changed. Survival was now not based on material need but rather on soul condition. This was quite a shock to realize.

As I continued to live in the spirit world and progress, many of my earth desires just lopped off. But I saw that as I grew in Divine Love, my love for mortals increased, so I felt that I really wanted to help them. This was a powerful desire born of love.

As I watched history unfold, I saw, with the help of more advanced spirits, that my country, which I loved so passionately, continued to need my help. Put in other words, I perceived that the mortals who based their society on what I and the other founding fathers started, required the outside help of the higher spirit world.

So what you channeled was correct. My country still calls to me, but now, I hear and interpret that voice differently.