Messages 2008

The Goodness of God and Humanity.

January 11th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Thomas Alva Edison.

I come to you tonight in response to your current interest in my life. Though you could not grasp the technical descriptions of my inventions, you nevertheless enjoyed and appreciated reading about my life.

Yes, I did have a blessed life. But words can’t describe how thrilled I was when my hearing was fully restored on this side of life! Oh, it was beyond any great joy I experienced on Earth. I had always had a love for music, and one of the great sadnesses of my Earth life was that this pleasure was denied me. But when the full truth, that I would be able to hear perfectly well from now on, dawned on me, I was beside myself with happiness. I had not anticipated this great gift at all. Indeed, I had only a very hazy idea of what would await me after death.

I mentioned first this experience of hearing again to emphasize how good the Creator is to His children. This goodness is often obscured, or even negated, by those who point to the unfairness of life on Earth and angrily point their finger and say, where was God when a certain tragedy occurred? Why does God so often stay His Hand?

It is admittedly a difficult concern for a believer, but when mortals become spirits, they quickly perceive life so differently, for none of the injustices of Earth are tolerated or allowed, except in those low planes of the hells, where dark spirits continue to act out their negativity.

As a dedicated scientist and inventor, I had to look closely at objects in order to bring into existence the inventions I was known for. I couldn’t just accept commonly held knowledge. I had to scrutinize everything in order to come up with new approaches. And, as people know, I did succeed in revolutionizing modern technology, as a direct result of this careful methodical and scientific examination.

My reason for mentioning this is to make a parallel with viewing history. People have often taken one quick look at what has happened on Earth and dismissed belief in a loving God. But this is a huge mistake. I believe that everyone who suffers from this tendency should do what I did - not accept superficial answers and really dig. If these people do this, they will discover that there have been many incidents of goodness as opposed to evil at any point in time, and many ways that the Creator helped His children.

I do make an exception with the period of humanity’s devolution after the Fall, when we as a species temporarily lost our connection to our conscience. And there have been, as you well know, barbaric and murderous scourges of people, such as the Nazis, whose only desire was conquest and causing suffering and harm.

Take this Nazi era of the Second World War. There had been horrible tortures before and mass killings, but never on the scale of the Nazis. This was because they had modern technology to assist them in their fiendish purposes.

But you are aware that there actually were Nazis who saved victims’ lives, and that many Gentiles harbored Jews, at the risk of their own life and that of their families.

Certainly, humanity has been addicted to killing. Wars and hatred have been fueled by crazy demagogues, and so many innocent people have been persecuted and murdered just because of the color of their skin or their beliefs.

But there is a silent witness of those who have chosen the good path. Certainly, humanity has often been programmed by society to accept certain unfair prejudices, and certainly, might has often made right - as it still does presently. But we have not heard enough the nurturing voices of those who sacrificed, or healed, or showed courage, to make it a better world, even with the prevalence of sin and error.

I am speaking from direct experience of having observed and talked to spirits from all types of backgrounds and from so many earth time periods, and, whereas I have seen much darkness, I have also seen much light.

Goodness has often had a difficult time sustaining itself in the mortal life, but the time is coming when this will change for the better. I think well of humanity, and I have shared these thoughts so that maybe some might be helped to change their attitude to something more hopeful toward humanity and God.