Messages 2008

The Higher Vision and Purpose of America.

April 18th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Benjamin Franklin.

The theme of this message is, the higher vision and purpose of America.

It is painfully obvious not just to you, but to many, many others, that America has so often not lived up to her founding vision. Indeed, her critics have triumphantly pointed to the fact that at the country’s founding, only white male property holders could vote, and slavery was sanctioned. These are facts which none can deny.

But God’s world is progressive. There has been a constant and steady stream of influences operating in the world to elevate humanity. From this perspective, one can shift one’s vision by affirming, for example, that the new American government created checks and balances so that tyranny would be avoided. Another example is that eventually, by the will of the people themselves, a Bill of Rights was enshrined in the Constitution, that guaranteed certain freedoms in a clear and undeniable way.

All throughout American history, there have been individuals and groups who fought for civil rights and other noble causes. They have gone by the name “progressive,” but from a spiritual point of view, their efforts have gone beyond any social or political label, to represent the spiritual and moral advancement of humanity. Their labors at times seemed to bear no fruit, but in time, many of them achieved success, as in the Constitutional amendment to give women the right to vote.

My point is that it is perfectly realistic to say that there is a higher purpose to America, even as this higher purpose has often been trampled on and contradicted by opposing forces of human lust for power and greed.

As the nineteenth century evolved, America became subject to very powerful concentrations of wealth and power in very few hands. This legacy continued, and has evolved to the present unfortunate circumstances. The pessimist can say that America’s higher vision and purpose have been triumphantly subverted by greed and human ignorance. Indeed, that is what many intelligent and perceptive people now feel.

But the light of liberty and freedom is too powerful a thing to be extinguished. I know you recently read that America is in the twilight of her freedom, the implication clearly being that this light will simply be extinguished. But this is not an accurate prediction.

God favors justice, even as this Creator, in the higher sense, is not essentially justice, but unconditional Love. So, if the Supreme Being stands for, and actively supports, both justice and Love, then how can one deny that He will continue working at this critical time?

God has the power to overturn empires and powerful political leaders who have gone astray from morality. A careful study of history will show this principle working - many times, a leader who has great power but who is hated by the people, is deposed.

I think you often get sidetracked by seeing the current situation in too limited a way - in other words, by seeing it through your mind rather than your soul. Your mind sees that everything seems controlled, and the progressive forces of society seem too weak to oppose the darkness. But simultaneously, your soul knows that the ultimate power in the world is not the global corporations, but the Creator.

Now your mind counters with the thought that it is all well and good to point to flowery spiritual principles, but the fact remains that God never violates free will, and those in control of this oppressive system willfully deceive themselves, and rationalize their greed and lust for power. So their free will is locked in and can’t be budged.

Well, Pharaoh’s heart was locked in, and yet he was defeated. Another example is Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned unjustly for so many years, and then became the political leader of South Africa.

My point is that concrete, specific examples from history show that victory occurred, when previous circumstances seemed to show victory impossible, as occurred at the beginning of the American Revolution.

You do not know the whole picture as we do. When you doubt the triumph of the light, you are ignorant of the innumerable ways we Celestial Angels (for I am an Angel now) have been working literally for decades to defeat this darkness. The fact that this darkness seems triumphant simply means that this was allowed. It also means that there was a purpose behind this development that will work for the good. I know this seems like a paradox - how can the rise of an unjust empire be a good thing, considering the suffering and hardship involved?

One response is that the Creator’s timing is always exact. He knows exactly when to bring a person or event into historical influence. Yes, people have time after time had to suffer the yoke of oppression. But deliverance at times came, as in the marvelous liberation of the Hebrew slaves from ancient Egypt.

Another point, which I can’t emphasize too strongly, is that everything is now at stake, not just civil liberties, but all of life on the planet. So, with such momentous dangers, do you suppose that the Creator will do nothing to save His people? Of course not, say those who know the active Love and care of this Loving Creator.

America’s higher purpose will be affirmed in triumph. Of that you can be sure. If your mind refuses to believe this and denies it as idealism inconsistent with reality and the facts, your soul can counter this argument by affirming more cogent facts that prove that the good has triumphed when immediate circumstances have made this triumph seem impossible of success.