Messages 2008

The Intellectual Faculties of the First Parents.

January 10, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Aman.

You have just read in Dr. Samuels’ synopsis of the Padgett messages the following statement:

“But the first parents, instead of turning to God and His Love, sought mastery of their material surroundings alone, and, instead of developing their souls so that they would partake of the Nature of God through Divine Love, they chose the development of their intellectual faculties. For it is through his intellectual attainments that man acquires the material possessions and wealth by which he so much sets his store ….”

In my channeling of January 26, 2007, The Language of the First Family, I said:

“Though I realize in hindsight that we were capable of the finer aspects of the intellect, we nevertheless didn’t avail ourselves of them after the Fall, and that is because we were preoccupied with earthplane realities and didn’t consider these sorts of things as important.”

You seek clarification.

In that channeling, you were thinking about the higher functions of thought, such as philosophy and metaphysics. In the quote from Dr. Samuels, “intellectual faculties” refers simply to the mind and its reasoning faculties. So, the point is that after Amon and I fell, our only recourse to survival was through our minds. We worked toward providing for our material needs solely with our bodies and minds, without that greater faith in God that previously sustained us.

However, in retrospect, we both realize that despite this disconnection, the Creator had continued to watch over us.

Never in our earth lives, either before or after the Fall, did we indulge in the sort of higher abstract thinking that is so much prized in your culture. That is, we were not aware of philosophy or aesthetics in an intellectual way before the Fall, because our spiritual nature had ascendancy over our minds. We thus appreciated life and beauty in an organic way; we loved life and were grateful for God’s blessings. After the Fall, this higher awareness left us, and we had to fend for ourselves with our minds alone.

Let me answer the question you just had. You are wondering, even though the privilege of receiving the Divine Love had left us, couldn’t we have chosen a better way, since we still had free will?

The answer is, of course, yes. But God saw that our pride had hardened to the point that we would not, and therefore could not, return to Him. Such was the stubbornness of our pride.