Messages 2009

Jack Kerouac’s Pain.

September 25, 27, 28th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jack Kerouac.

I discovered over here the depths of my inability to be sensitive to the needs of others. What loomed in my consciousness was my neglect of my daughter Jan. It was truly horrible. But I was a seeker, and in seeking, I found. My sins were not excused - they were superseded by the grace of the Divine Love.

I read your thought. You are aware of how I treated others. You also know of my alcoholism. So you are questioning your channeling.

Well, don’t. My life is mine. And I did progress out of the great darkness that greeted me. I was drowning, and the Divine Love rescued me. Let that be the epitaph of Jack Kerouac, and not the abuse of others and of alcohol that brought me to an early grave and that guaranteed the darkness that I now see was inevitable.

Every word you channeled of me is exactly what I said to you. So don’t doubt yourself. I did find happiness and peace in the Divine Love because I was a seeker.

What awaited me when I first settled in here was inconceivable. I had known before I died that I had gone wrong. But I never imagined that everything I did and said would come back to me. It was a horror. But along with my drinking and my callous disregard of others, my soul was truly on fire for spiritual truth. Yes, that was as much my reality as the life that went wrong.

A lifeline was thrown to me, and I held onto it tight. I am proud of my passage from darkness to light. I had a will to do it, and I did. At first, it was impossible. Everything hit me at once. It was one steady stream of memories that burned like fire. This I had not anticipated. As I told you previously, my Buddhist beliefs were not helpful. What I was told about the Divine Love was.

So I am a living example of the fact, which this spirit world amply demonstrates, that no matter how much darkness is in a man’s soul, God is able to redeem him.