Messages 2009

A President’s Point of View.

December 28th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Woodrow Wilson.

You are reading about my favoring control by the banks, and a less than idealistic approach to our country and government, so let me comment. I said in my channeling of December 20, 2006, that I had a sense of a higher purpose for America, and I am confirming that that was how I felt. My intelligence, my knowledge of history, and my high position gave me the idea that I could lead my country to greatness.

Well, both opinions existed simultaneously in my mind. You find this very difficult to understand, but it is so. I envisioned a worldwide government in which America would play a leading role. I decried in my channeling what I called the greed component, so you are wondering how I could have favored the banks. I did not see these banks as greedy despoilers of the economy. I saw them as stabilizing forces. I thus felt differently from so many other Americans and other presidents.

You are influenced by the present situation in our beloved country. It was different in my time. I parted company with presidents like Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, who saw a central bank as a horrible thing.